Why it is essential to build a marketing strategy and prelaunch buzz before starting a mobile app
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As a mobile apps company, you have to note that, one of the elements that will affect the success of your app is the preparation of the market and the way to amplify it including PR, branding, outreach, re-launch, and your web presence on the overall.
You might now be thinking that it might be too early regarding marketing before you start to develop the app. In the long run, however, your effort is going to increase if you ensure to create some buzz words around your app way before it goes into app stores.

It might be the right time to start the following:
• Start defining your brand:How will your colors, name, tone, and the logo of your content ensure that you set yourself apart from the many apps that are already in the market for businesses? You have to ensure the consistency of the info across all the apps and platforms that you are on.
• Try and find your channels: Where do you mostly find your target audience? Is it easier to reach them through email or social media? Are they the type that likes written content over video? How much of their time are they on their mobile devices?
• Come up with content: Depending on the answers that you get when finding your channels, you should be able to know the type of content that attracts your audience and how you are going to reach out to them. Start with mapping your video and/or written content and ensure you share it on channels that are the favorites of your audience.
• Start your outreach:Find out the influencers in your industry: both the old and young. Put in some effort when it comes to reaching out to them in a manner that is personalized, providing them with value.