What is there to know about Canada
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With plans underway to immigrate to Canada, you need to know as much as you can about the country. It is information that might even help to speed up your citizenship status in Canada. Knowing more about it means that you like the country, and you have higher chances of becoming one of them.

They have two official language
Canada was not comfortable with having only one official language, and thus, they decided to have two languages: French and English. If you think it is challenging, then check out Singapore, which has four official languages, India, with sixteen official languages. When it comes to French as an official language, you don’t recognize it until you are in Quebec, the eastern province where things are being kept as French as possible. Some laws ensure that everyone uses as much French as possible.
There are healthcare options
America envies Canada’s healthcare. It has a medicare system that is tax-funded, where all the primary healthcare insurance needs for individuals are paid for by the government. It is then delivered to the private sector. In case you require services for medical that are essential, you get free of charge. It is just some waiting, and then you are sorted out.
The landscape is beautiful
The Canadian cities are acceptable, with the spaces between the cities being even better. About 90% of Canadians live within 100% of the American borders, which denotes that there is quite a lot of room to explore the north. In case you want to be away from other humans, there you have the opportunity to do so. Apart from tropical rainforests and boiling deserts, Canada has all types of landscapes going for it. On the Pacific Rim, there is rugged coastline and the Gros Morne granite mountains.