The Unique Camargue Herd: A Rare Breed of Horses in the French Region of Camargue
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The Camargue herd is a wonderful solution if you’re looking for the best interesting and unique horse dog breed. This exceptional breed of dog are only able to be discovered in France’s Camargue place, and just about 600 horses happen to be in the herd. They are known for their white-colored safari camargue layers, that help them stay awesome inside the hot weather of the southern part of France. If you’re fortunate enough to check this out Camargue herd manade camargue, take a little images – they are well worth taking on film!

Number of Things You Need To Understand:

If you are searching for experiencing the Camargue herd, there are several stuff that you should know:

1.Initially, the perfect time to view the Camargue herd is springtime. This is when the herds are most active and the very least probably going to be annoyed by humans.

2.2nd, it is very important keep in mind that the Camargue herd can be a wild herd of horses. This means that they will not be utilized to people and will not be as helpful as other horses.

3.Third, the Camargue herd is actually a shielded breed of horses. This implies it can be prohibited to hunt or damage them at all. You could be fined or jailed if captured damaging a Camargue horse.

4.4th, the Camargue herd is surely an vulnerable type of horses. Because of this just a few hundred Camargue horses are still throughout the world.

5.5th, the Camargue herd can be a useful asset to the regional economic climate. The herds give tasks for residents and vacationers as well.

6.6th, the Camargue herd is really a stunning sight to behold. The horses are graceful and stylish creatures that will give you a lasting perception.

7.7th, the Camargue herd is an integral part of French tradition. Horses have been used in many different ways throughout history.


The Camargue herd is a rare and different breed of horses that are worth experiencing. If you have the opportunity to obtain them, be sure you take some photos! They may be an incredible sight to behold.