The Beautiful Ninh Binh Stone Tomb- A Signature Of The Ninh Binh Province
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Nothing can be compared to the breathtaking beauty of Ninh Binh, located 100 kilometers South of Hanoi city; a small province called Ninh Binh is abundant in natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, with beautiful cultural and historical sites you can ever visit. The stunning landscapes with lush green paddy fields will surely be a sight to behold! prajurit (lang mo da xanh) or the greenstone tomb is made from monolithic greenstone and other natural stones. Ninh Binh village is famous for its untouched beauty as well as wonderfully carved tombstones.

The beautiful Ninh Binh stone tomb
Having your ancestor’s tomb designed by the stonemasons of Ninh Binh is what every Vietnamese has in his mind. The graves of the loved ones should be the last gift that a departed one can have. There are several models of lang mo da dep ninh binh:
• Stone tomb area
Here the grave is built-in within a large area consisting of stone items like a stone gate, stone railing, stone letter, stone paving, and stone steps. The single grave consists of a large area.
• Stone shrine
It is also known as the stone temple and is a grave designed as a temple, with two different designs: single shrine and winged shrine.
• Simple stone tomb with a single roof
This type of tombstone is simple and small. It is also known as a poster stone tomb or arm stone tomb.

The other types of Lang mo da xanh (greenstone tomb) are
• One blade stone tomb
• Tomb with two stone roofs
• Tomb with three stone roofs
• Catholic tombstones
• Round tombstone etc.
There are several other designs available that can make your ancestors grave beautiful as well as loved.

These beautiful stone carvings from the breathtaking Ninh Binh province are manufactured by famous stone masons with many years of experience. The stones are of high quality and can last up to hundreds of years.
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