Best Dog Breeds for First Time Adopters
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Finding the best Dog Breeds for first time dog owners is a challenging task. There are just so many different breeds that you could choose from. So how do you know which breed you should get? To help you out I have written this short article that will tell you all of the basics about all of the dog breeds and their specific characteristics.

Some of the most popular dog breeds are the Chihuahuas and the Pomeranians. These are two of the smallest breeds in the world, so they are also very adorable to look at. The Chihuahua is known as the smallest and most friendly dog, and has been around since the early 20th century. The Pomeranian, on the other hand, is a small dog that was first bred in the early 15th century. These two dogs are great to have in your family because they are so well suited to be pets, and because they are both extremely loving and affectionate.
Pomeranians are great for people with allergies, because they tend to shed less than other breeds. If you are interested in getting a Chihuahua but don’t know where to get one, I would recommend taking a trip to the Petco. This place actually sells the majority of the Chihuahuas that are in the market today. It would be very hard for a Pomeranian to be sold at a regular store, because so few people have them in their homes. Overall, though, these two dogs are great for all types of people and can make great first time pet owners.