Situs Judi Online: A Strong Competition To All Its Rival Competitors In The Field
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Due to its immense popularity and international recognition, Poker got itself a parent organization founded in 2001 called the International Federation of Poker by the famous Poker player Marcel Luke a.k.a. “The Flying Dutchman”. A set of 80 basic rules of gameplay have been rolled out by the Federation and are followed by every major Casino around the world. The game can be played among 2 or more players at a time.

Stages of online betting
It consists of 4 betting rounds, each round divided into 3 stages:
1. The Setup
2. The Betting Rounds
3. The Showdown
The setup involves the determination of the no. of players, the dealer and hence the small and big blinds (the immediate 2 positions on the left of the dealer respectively), and the distribution of hole cards (usually 2 each) amongst the players. The first betting round/dealing starts by the position on the left of the big blind called “Under the Gun”. The ‘action’ (proceedings of the gameplay) takes place in the clockwise direction henceforth. As the action reaches the dealer after one cycle (called the Hand) the players have the option of Checking (referring their cards) or Raising (increasing) the betting amount. If not, the players may even renounce the hand by ‘Folding’ (laying down) their cards. The dealer position (indicated by a dealer button) changes every hand.
After the first hand, the dealer burns (places facing down) one card from the stack (uninvolved cards) and 3 cards facing up on the table called the ‘Flop’. Similarly, at the end of the second and the third hands, the dealer burns a card each with the ‘Turn’ and the ‘River’ cards facing up. After the last hand, the players show their cards, and the one having the ‘best hand’ is declared the winner collects the bet.
It is said that Online Gambling Sites (Situs Judi Online) takes five minutes to understand and a lifetime to master. Good Luck with your first game!