Here is how wine tour pros travel
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When wine tour Tuscany professionals visit the region, it is not very uncommon for such people to have an aggressive tour schedule. Wine tour professionals can go through five or even six locations in just a day. They are the ones who skip non-essential winery tours and when it comes to wine tasting, they don’t swallow the wine for the sake of staying alert. Professional drive through the entire region by car just to have the feel of the land. For such people understanding the slope, the dirt, and the feel of the land is just as important as tasting the wine. To tour like a professional, here is what you can do

Make bookings in advance
The first thing is to make sure that you have bookings. If you are going to a different country, you can arrange how you will stay there, you can also arrange for your wine tasting. You should arrange for your wine experience at least two weeks in advance. You can also arrange to have at least two full days in each region. That way, you can visit at least one important winery and blend it with other smaller wineries in the region.
Know how to taste wine like a professional
If you do not want to look the odd one out when tasting wine, you should practice wine degustations. Start by practicing how to swish and spit the wine after tasting. That way, you will look like a professional in wine tasting. You are most likely to be respected when the staff sees that you have a clue on how you should be tasting wine. Not having an idea of how to taste can make you feel embarrassed.